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52lb Striped Bass

Southern Connecticut Fishing Charters are well known for our light tackle and fly fishing adventures. We are located at the Eastern end of Long Island Sound. These waters are some of the most productive fishing waters in New England. We fish the waters from the Connecticut River, to Montuck, over to Watch Hill RI, and all the waters in between. We are known for our fly and light tackle fishing adventures. The species of fish that feed in these waters of Long Island Sound are some of the hardest fighting fish in saltwater. Striped bass is one of the most saut after game fish on the east coast. These fish reach weights of over 50lbs. They migrate into our area in April and leave in November, the summer months being the most productive time for Trophy Striped Bass. Bluefish show up in the middle of May and run into November. These fish fight very hard and have razor sharp teeth. All the tuna and tuna like species (Bonito – False Albacore) show up at the end of July and run into November, with September being the best month for large schools of False Albacore. Catching all the fish are fun and very challenging. All our charters are done with light tackle (no wire line or weighting the line with unnecessary weights). This means challenging light tackle fishing with great fights from the hardest pulling fish on the east coast. We will instruct the beginners and learn from the experts. Our goal is to put you and your party into some exciting saltwater fishing, we will give you and your party 100% as soon as you step aboard.

Where to Find Us:

Fly Guy

Capt. Mike Warecke

2 Dogwood Drive

Old Lyme, Ct. 06371





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